Island Compass South repairing and adjusting compasses Island Compass South compass adjustment and repair information and history.

Island Compass South offers professional compass adjusting,
compass repair, nautical restoration and tools/magnets for
professional and amateur compass adjustors alike.

Based in South Carolina, Island Compass South, Inc. (ICS) provides compass repair and adjusting services on almost any make of nautical compass.

ICS offers on-site compass adjustment throughout the southeastern (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Florida) coastal areas for all sizes of craft from the smallest fishing boats to the largest ships for both commercial, military and private boat owners.

We preform compass repairs on the vast majority of makes and models of nautical compasses, maintaining a full inventory of compass parts for the major brands of compasses, and also provide adjusting magnets and tools.


Steve Colt, former owner.Island Compasses South was started in 1991 by Steve Colt of Orange Park, Florida. Steve was initially trained by his father, Fred Colt of Island Compasses in Annapolis, Maryland, providing Steve with the base to begin repairing and adjusting compasses. Steve has worked with and learned from numerous compass adjustors: Don Bryant of Jacksonville, FL; Roger Treidel of Atlantic Compass, Annapolis, MD; Bill Ehrhart of Bee Marine Service, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Bill Meilner of Pensacola, FL, and Rob Hempstead of Hempstead Navigation, Exeter, RI.

In 1999, ICS acquired the adjusting magnet business from Bill Ehrhart of Bee Marine Service, Inc. This acquisition allowed ICS to start providing access to magnets, non-magnetic screwdrivers, magnetometers, and other adjuster supplies to compass adjustors.

Steve Colt and Asa LassiterIn 2008 Steve decided to "pass the torch" to his cousin, Asa (ā - sa) Lassiter. With a background in the US Navy, Asa has found the transition to compass adjustment and repair a natural fit. In May of 2008, the name of the company was officially changed to ISLAND COMPASS SOUTH, INC. and it's home base is currently Lake Wylie, South Carolina.


To be the leading provider of professional compass adjustment and repair service and to provide our customers with excellent and prompt service in all aspects of compass adjustment, repair and sales.


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Island Compass South compass adjustment and repair information and history
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