Island Compass South repairing and adjusting compasses Island Compass South compass adjustment and repair information and history.

We often are asked questions about the compass repair and/or
adjusting process. Following are a few common questions...

How much will it cost to repair my compass?

We cannot give quotes without inspecting the compass first due to the possible variables involved. Our customers send us their compass and we perform a free tear-down. We then contact the customer with the estimated cost of repair for approval to proceed with the repairs.

Is my compass worth repairing?

Most compasses are definitely worth repairing and the cost is significantly less than a new compass. Older compasses are typically very well built and easily repairable. On rare occasions, some compass repairs may exceed the cost of a new compass and we will advise the customer if that is the case. Island Compass has new and used compasses available for sale at reasonable prices as another option for our customers along with partial credit for your compass.

How should I ship my compass?

We recommend if the compass has a leak, it should be placed in a large Ziploc bag. The compass should be packed in bubble wrap in a box with at least two to three inches clearance on each side then filled with packing peanuts.

If my compass has a bubble, can I just refill it?

The bubble is an indicator that a problem exists and while refilling may work temporarily, it may lead to a more severe problem. We recommend sending the compass for repair as refilling the fluid requires fluid conditioning as well as presets to be met to be performed during the filling procedures.

How will my repaired compass look?

We make every attempt to look and perform like a new compass. We have had customers ask us if we sent them a new compass instead of just repairing their old compass!

If my compass card moves erratically, is it still worth repairing?

Yes, if it is moving erratically, it either a compass issue that needs to be repaired or due to a magnetic interference on your vessel which would require a compass adjustment on board.


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