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Take a look at our inventory of new and refurbished compasses and mounting implements.

We also have many items that have been restored in our Nautical Restoration section. (Please note, compasses in the Nautical Restoration section are for display purposes only, unless specifically requested to be rebuilt for navigational purposes.) If we have something you are interested in please contact us, or if we don't have it we will do our best to help you in locating the item.

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3 5/8 British Health Compass

3 5/8" British Heath Compass
Refurbished unit is binnacle mount,
with repaired-new pivot and jewel. Footprint of binnacle 4 7/8". Powdercoated aluminum binnacle.
Overall height - 6".
Price - $110
Item #CS_001


8" Danforth Constellation

8" Danforth Constellation
Binnacle mount steel boat compass
with glass dome. Approx 13 inches high and brass base 13 inch in diameter. Compass AS IS. Needs to be rebuilt if used for navigation
Price - $700
Item #CS_002

5" Ritchie Globemaster

5" Ritchie Globemaster
Model D-515EB binnacle mount.
Wrinkle finished SS binnacle. Absolutely
like-new compass, built from scratch
with all new parts
Price - $500
Item #CS_003


4 1/2" Gemini

4 1/2 " Gemini
Bracket mount compass from old stock.
Don't believe it has ever been installed. Originally balanced for Southern Hemisphere. To insure reliability, the diaphragm has been replaced as has the dial for Northern Hemisphere. Wrinkle finished metal bezel, bottom cover and bracket. A rare compass!
Price - $225
Item #CS_007


3 1/2" Danforth Corsair

3 1/2" Danforth Corsair
Refurbished bracket mount steel boat compass. Completely rebuilt with a
new pivot, dome, jewel, dial assembly and diaphragm. Compass and quadrantal correctors mounted in thick brass yoke and holders. BIC and dec magnet array attached to bottom bowl. Base of yoke is approximately 3" x 2 1/4". Height overall is 7", width overall is 9".
Ready for sea.
Price - $250
Item #CS_009


5" Ritchie SP-5

5" Ritchie SP-5
Refurbished binnacle mount compass
for your cruising sailboat - one-of-a-kind. No more dome failures due to stress
or UV with the glass dome. The glass dome coupled with a brass bowl and phosphor-bronze expansion amke this compass an extremely long-lasting and reliable navigation instrument with a 2 degree dial assembly.
Price - $600
Item #CS_010


New 3 3/4 Ritchie SR2 Venture

New 3 3/4" Ritchie SR-2 Venture
New bulkhead mount compass can be mounted at any angle up to 40 degrees from the bulkhead - no mounting block required. Fully gimballed, allows 45 degrees of pitch. Separately mounted clinometer, weather cover and backdress cover included. Twelve volt illumination,
5 year warranty. Compensator module pictured to the right of the compass is available for an additional $20. This new compass is a very good product.
Dial size is 3 3/4",
mounting hole is 4 1/2" to 4 5/8".
Price - $180 (without module)
Price - $200 (with module)
Item #CS_019

4" Ritchie Old Style Navigator

4" Ritchie Old Style Navigator
Completely rebuilt Ritchie Model DN46
with binnacle mount. All brass bowl with phosphor-bronze expansion. Very thick stainless binnacle. New powerdamp dial assembly, dome, dome O-ring and light assembly. Dome size is 4", compass stands approximately 7: high and has
a 6 3/16" footprint.
This is a good compass!
Price - $175
Item #CS_013

4" Danforth Constellation

4" Danforth Constellation
Completely rebuilt flush mount compass
with powdercoated bezel, new dome,
dome, O-ring and diaphragm. Footprint
is 6 3/8" requiring a 5 1/4" hole.
Price - $140
Item #CS_021


5" Danforth Hi-Speed Express

5" Danforth Hi-Speed Express
Refurbished replacement compass complete with visor and light. Like new condition, 5' apparent card diameter.
Price - $200
Item #CS_022

Ritchie Explorer

Ritchie Explorer
New from old stock, this bracket mount compass Model #S-15 is in the original box and has never been used. An all brass, 1960's era sailboat, externally gimballed compass. The entire compass, gimbal ring and bronze mounting bracket are wrinkle finished black. There is a small, undetermined stain inside the dome, but this is a rare find in this condition and ready for sea duty on
your vintage sailboat!
Price - $135
Item #CS_020


Navy Buships Bearing Bar

Navy Buships Bearing Bar
Bearing bar, Mark IV, Model 1,
1943 Beck-Lee Corporation in
mahogany box. Box dimensions are
6 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 3".
Price - $65
Item #CS_011

Flat Top Magnifier

Flat Top Magnifier
Flat top compass magnifier. Hard to find. Works well on 5" - 7 1/2" flat top compass.
Price - $75
Item #CS_014



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