Compass restoration and nautical restoration

Have a nautical item or compass to be restored or refurbished for display?
Or maybe we have a piece below that interests you - take a look.

Island Compass South does quality restoration work on almost any nautical artifact, and can even make lamps, shelves, and other display pieces from these items. Steve Colt, the restoration craftsman, has a love of nautical artifacts and restoration, which will show in every detail of your created piece.

Unless otherwise requested, the items shown below are primarily for display purposes. If requested, these items can be refurbished for navigational use (call for conversion cost). Prices are included on those items available for purchase. We've also included a small gallery of restored items demonstrating the type of quality work produced by Steve Colt.

Do you have something you'd like restored? Contact us today!

Weems & Plath Topaz  Collection Barometer

Weems & Plath Topaz
Collection Barometer

Never used - like new! This solid cast brass case, bevelled glass screw-on bezel-dial barometer is 3 1/4" in
diameter, wtih a base of 4 1/4"
and a 2" depth.
List Price - $139.99
Our Price - $85
Item #NR_007

2 inch Dirigo Presentation Compass

2" Dirigo Presentation Compass
Dry compass is mounted on brass stanchions fastened to a 3" x 5" mahogany wood base. Polished and laquered, custom mount.
Price - $125
Item #NR_002

4 inch Richie Navigator

4" Ritchie Navigator
This bracket mount compass, Model BN45 has been completely rebuilt and the entire compass has been polished and lacquered. Mounted on a 7 1/2" long piece of oiled mahogany with a brass placard included for engraving. This compass can also be mounted on a wall, placed on a desk or go to sea.
A unique presentation piece.
Price - $240
Item #NR_004


Hydroflite Propeller

Hydroflite Propeller
A stainless steel Columbian Hydroflite propeller 20LH16. Hub info
SE22G 20/16 6789. Selling for a friend.
Price - $250
Item #NR_005

Don Bryant Rope Bowl

Don Bryant Rope Bowl
A Don Bryant original 5 1/2" diameter rope bowl with wood base and rope turkshead attached. The turkshead is shellacked and stiff. Ideal for holding coins, cotton balls - just about
any small item.
Price - $20
Item #NR_017


Clock & Barometer

Clock & Barometer
Another Colt nautical recycled creation - this clock and barometer set features cases made from solid brass ship's propeller locknuts. Attractively mounted on an oiled teak plaque that is 6 1/4" wide, 11 3/4" tall and 7/8" thick. Both the clock and barometer have brushed brass bezels, with the cases polished and lacquered. One of two items that will be built - Steve owns one and will build only one other to sell! Weight is 5 lbs.
Price - $300
Item #NR_008


Nautical Table Lamp

Nautical Table Lamp
This nautical table lamp has a glass domed John E. Hand compass mounted
in a heavy bronze binnacle.
The compass came from the original equipment of a 1962 Bertram
Powerboat. The base of the lamp is
9" x 19" teak and stands 24" tall.
The binnacle diameter is approximately
7" and the weight of the entire lamp is
18 lbs. Truly a one-of-a-kind lamp!
Price - $500
Item #NR_009


Presentation Compass

Presentation Compass
An unique presentation compass made from a ship's propeller blade locknut with a white or blue dial Ritchie compass capsule mounted on a mahogany base with a brass plaque suitable for engraving. Felt is attached to the bottom of the base to protect your desk.
Price - $75
Item #NR_010

Chartweight Clock

Chartweight Clock
Attractive, engraveable 3" (diameter), Weems & Plath brass chartweight clock packaged in a gift box.
Price - $45
Item #NR_014

Chartweight Set

Chartweight Set
Price - $25
Item #NR_015

Bronze Mirror

Bronze Mirror
This unusual bronze mirror is mounted
in an authentic WWII U.S. Navy
bearing circle.
Price - $125
Item #NR_012



Pictured below are a few of the quality items Steve has restored...


Ship's Flare Pistol

Ship's Flare Pistol


John Bliss Compass

John Bliss Compass

7 and one-half inch Ritchie Mounted on Cherry Base

7 1/2" Ritchie Mounted on a Cherry Base


7 and on-half inch Ritchie Navy Standard Compass

7 1/2" Ritchie Navy Standard Compass

Small Ship's Wheel

A Small Ship's Wheel,
Restored & Mounted on a Lazy Susan

Rebuilt Ship's Binnacle

Rebuilt Ship's Binnacle


Ship's Speaking Tube

Ship's Speaking Tube


Lionel Traffrail log and tugboat window frame

A Lionel Traffrail log from a ship
mounted on the wall, along with
a double-block lamp and a tugboat window frame curio cabinet.



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