Island Compass South repairing and adjusting compasses Full service compass repair and adjustment

Island Compass South, Inc. is your one-stop full-service location for professional compass adjustment and repair service.


Need your compass repaired? Island Compass South, Inc. (ICS) provides compass repair for all major compasses (and then some) - repair estimates are free! For a detailed description of our compass repair proces; including shipping, receiving and work request authorization, please check our Q&A section.

ICS services the vast majority of compass makes and models. As an authorized service center for CPLATH, Ritchie, Danforth, and Aquameter compasses, we have a large inventory of compass parts in stock. Most compass repairs are completed in less than 10 days from date of receipt depending on parts availability, customer work authorization and compass adjustment workload.

We maintain a full inventory of parts for major compass models, and a partial inventory for Sestrel compasses. Most foreign and domestic flattop compasses can also be repaired with a turnaround time of less than 10 days from the time ICS receives the compass. Large flattop compasses may take longer due to parts availability and troubleshooting situations.

Our goal is to make every compass that comes into our shop to be repaired, leave looking and working like it just came out of the box. Even a 50- to 60-year-old compass will work like new. Contact us today!


Adjusting compass on board vesselNeed your compass adjusted?

Island Compass South provides compass adjusting services for all types of vessels from 12 to 1000+ feet long. Adjustments are usually made using a combination of methods. These methods include sun azimuths (sun compass or Pelorus), Ritchie magtronic, portable gyro, ship/vessel's gyro.

Prices to adjust vary based on length of the vessel, non-steel or steel construction, and number of compasses to adjust. Additionally, travel expenses are incurred to vessel’s location. 

ICS provides services for the Coast Guard, autocarriers, RORO ships, tugs (harbor and seagoing), MSC vessels, gambling ships, tankers, private yachts/fishing vessels, NOAA, EPA, US Navy and new construction from numerous shipyards.

To set up an appointment for an adjustment call us toll free at 1-888-269-3810 or email We do ask that you contact us at least 3 days before the requested adjustment date, but we will do our best to accommodate "emergency" adjustments.

If you have questions on how often you need your compass adjusted or other general questions please give us a call.


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